7 Best Aquarium Chillers

In this article, we will discuss the topic of aquarium chiller, an item which allows you to regulate water temperature in your aquarium. We will present you with 7 best aquarium chillers currently available on the market, and evaluate their features, strengths, and weaknesses. More importantly, we will provide you with our Buyer’s guide, where … Read more

10 Best Aquarium Controllers

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What Is Bioload? and Why is Bioload Important?

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Will an Aquarium Heater Melt a Plastic Tank?

A woman and what I can only assume was her son were ringing up supplies for her son’s first fish at our local pet store. It’s a small shop; I couldn’t help but overhear the clerk tell the woman the heater they were getting would melt the plastic tank they were getting. Something smelled fishy … Read more

Should an Aquarium Heater Touch Gravel?

Aquariums are amazing little worlds, and part of the enjoyment is trying new things. The right things, we hope. Heaters are needed for many popular fish in the hobby–they are called ‘tropical’ fish, after all—but electrical heaters are not toys, and it’s important to learn their limitations. Should an aquarium heater touch gravel? The answer … Read more

7 Best Floating Aquarium Plants

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9 Best Substrates for Planted Tanks

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Can Aquarium Plants Grow in Gravel?

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10 Best Rimless Aquariums

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7 Best Aquarium Water Clarifiers

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