9 Best Aquarium Fish Nets


As a tank owner, you must be familiar with Fish Nets!

Although, most new tank owners do think that fishnets are not a necessity to their aquarium maintenance kit.

But that is where they are wrong!

So, what can you do to find out what fishnet is the best fit for your tank?

Here’s where we help!

We tested out 9 different Fish Nets out there in the market and reviewed them all!

Best Aquarium Fish Nets

Product Size Net Material  
Marina Blue Fine Nylon Net 3 in Depth Fine Nylon Mesh
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pawfly 6 Here 6 x 5 Fine Nylon Mesh
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Penn plax 4 x 4 Synthetic Nylon Mesh
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Quick Net 2- 10 in Fine Nylon Mesh
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Penn Plax Brine Shrimp Net 0.4 x 4.2 in Fine Nylon Mesh
Check Price
Deep Blue professional net 4 x 3 in Fine Nylon Mesh
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Fluval Edge extendable net 4 in Depth Fine Nylon Mesh
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Pawfly 4 4 x 3 Coarse Mesh
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Deep Blue Pro net 2 x 2 Coarse Mesh
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Are Fishnets Necessary?

Now, do you really need fishnets?

Of course, you do!

Any tank owner knows that fishnets are vital for day to day tank maintenance.

If you have a large aquarium or a small fishbowl,  a fishnet can always come in handy.

It is a multipurpose tool and makes your maintenance a much easier task.

Firstly, it true purpose is helping you transport your fish, in and out of the tank.

So why might you need to transport your fish?

During water change or in case of emergencies it is vital that you transport your fish safely and quickly!

You don’t want to harm your fish in the process or get your hands wet. A fishnet is perhaps one of the most efficient ways to do so!

What more are these fishnets capable of?

Well, they do a great job at general tank maintenance. Like skimming our waste and debris.


Sometimes, you tend to overfeed your fish and don’t want to wait until the food breaks down and makes the water murky.

You can use a fishnet to quickly skim out the waste material and save the water from getting cloudy.

Usually, there are things that you might drop in the tank and trust me! Don’t use your hands to fetch them.

That is an unclean practice and its better that you make use of proper equipment.

Fishnets are available in all sizes, lengths and, materials. You can buy multiple for your different tanks and uses.

Most of them are pretty light on the pocket, and won’t cost you too much.

They also last relatively long, and there isn’t a need to replace them so often.

Make sure you keep the fish net clean and always use it to fetch out any fish waste, debris and foreign particles.

Best Aquarium Fish Nets Product Description

  1. Marina Blue Fine Nylon Net


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The Marina blue fishnet comes in multiple different sizes ranging from a 3-inch net to a 10-inch net

That means that it is excellent for any size of tank you might have!

Whether you’re trying to skim out the waste from a smaller fish bowl or larger water body.

The Marina blue series has all the variety that you might need for your aquarium needs.


The material of the mesh is made of nylon, which not only makes it soft but also lightweight!

This makes sure that the material is safe for your fish and is not harsh in terms of damaging their gills and fins during transit.

The lightweight model is easy and efficient to hold your fish and use in the tank.

The plastic handles are conveniently made into an easy grip component. Overall the handle is extremely durable and efficient to use!


  • One of the great things about the Marina blue nylon net series is how affordable it is! Perhaps one of the cheapest out there in the market.
  • Another good thing is how you could use it for any tank size you please. Just order any size ranging from 3 inches to 10 inches for your tank


  • Customers have often had a complaint about how the nylon net degrades over time and can get tears from use.
  • Some materials might not last as long as you might like them to.
  • Even though it’s affordable, you might need to replace it periodically due to the comparatively shorter life span.

2. Pawfly Fishnet


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The Pawfly fishnet makes sure that it safely transfers your fish in and out of your tank!

But obviously, this is not all that you look for in a useful fishnet.

And another thing:

It is also great to skim out debris and waste materials, efficiently and quickly!

The soft nylon mesh reduces the chances of injury for your fish.

It is delicate enough that it can handle your fish safely and transport them from water, which is obviously a great feature.

Another feature is that this fishnet has a sturdy handle, which is made up of 3 intertwined wires.

The handle is 12 inches long, and yes! That means it can reach deeper tanks very easily without getting your hands wet.

It also comes equipped with a 4-inch-deep net pocket! That is effective for carrying fish of any size or cleaning up the waste material.

The delicate structure of the fishnet also makes sure that it is gentle and does not frighten your fish!


  • One of the obvious good things include, how the handle is extremely sturdy, and the frame of the fishnet itself is durable!
  • It also comes in a suitable size that is good for many different tanks sizes and depths.


  • one of the complaints that customers have had is how the net is made up of very fine mesh material which can tear apart after some use!
  • another complaint is how it is not available in different sizes, so you might have to find another size of fish net for your smaller tanks!


3. Penn Plax Quick-net, Aquarium Fish Net


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The Penn Plax aquarium fish net is an excellent yet affordable choice for all your aquarium maintenance needs.

It is safe for all fish since it’s made of synthetic nylon material, the delicate net makes sure that it does not harm your fish in the process of transferring them.

The net is 4 inches deep; that means it is great for small to medium sized fish.

Another great feature is how it is made explicitly for fish who are quick and hard to catch.

The long handle and deep pockets make sure that it reaches every Nook and cranny of your tank.

This instantly catches those pesky fish that escape the net one way or the other!

It is also good to skim the surface for debris and take out any access to food or fish waste

Another great feature is how the handle is made with a vinyl coating that means you do have a firm grip on it when you use it!

It is long lasting and versatile, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or bending over time.


  • The great thing about the Penn Plax aquarium fish net is how it’s sturdy and long lasting. That is an obvious feature we all look for fishnets.
  • While it is long-lasting, it is also easy on the pocket and affordable!


  • Well this fishnet might be versatile for most tanks that does not mean that you can use it for all kinds of tanks.
  • If your tank is too big or too small, it is likely that you will have to find an alternate for this product.
  • If you have larger fish, then you might need to find a bigger net for that purpose.

4. Quick Net


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The Quick net is available from 2 inches to 10 inches in net depth.

That means is it is suitable for any size of the tank and is also compatible with smaller and larger sized fish.

One of its great features is how it is durable and safe!

That means that it won’t harm your fish and will provide relief when transporting them.

The mesh is made to be delicate, yet it isn’t harsh!

The handle is braided for grip and is coated with vinyl to withstand any water damage and add strength.

This way you won’t have to worry about the net deteriorating over time.

The build is strong, and it won’t bend or have deformities, which is great because we all want something that last song!


  • The great thing about this fishnet is how it is affordable! Honestly, nobody wants to spend a hefty amount on something as simple as a fishnet.
  • It is also very fish friendly since the nylon mesh is very delicate.


  • Most consumers complained about how the long-braided handle makes the net hard to use in round tanks or fish bowls.

5. Penn Plax Brine Shrimp Net



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Are you a tank owner looking for the ideal shrimp net? Then this is definitely the product for you!

The Penn Plax Brine shrimp net is specially made for tanks that have shrimps in them!

So, if you are specifically looking for a shrimp net, this is the one!

The fine nylon mesh that is made to catch your fish and shrimp efficiently and quickly.

The Vinyl coating adds strength and makes sure it can withstand a different kind of weight.

You definitely will not have to worry about replacing it every month or so (which can get annoying!).


It is around 4.25 inches deep and can fit in a handful of shrimps.

The nylon mesh net has a nylon stitching which is delicate enough to handle all the shrimps without any injury to them.

It also helps with day to day maintenance. If you have a tank full of shrimp, then it does get dirty often and is hard to clean.

So it will efficiently clean up fish waste and any sort of debris.


  • One of the great parts about this shrimp net is how affordable it is!
  • The vinyl coating adds the strength to the handle and the structure, which make sure that it can lift up weight


  • The net itself is not that deep, and users have complained that it can let go of some shrimps, that have already been caught!
  • Another aspect is how the mesh is not fine enough for newly hatched shrimps.

6. Deep Blue Professional Fishnet


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The deep blue fishnet is made up of strong sturdy materials that make sure that the net does not get deformed when you use it.

It makes water maintenance hassle-free, and that is an essential factor that we look for in a useful fishnet.

The mesh is made up of nylon.It is durable yet is not made of harsh materials that can harm your fish.

While the handle is made up of intertwined wires that improve grip.

You can reach those crevasses and hard to catch fish.

Wait! There is more!

The blue color is ideal as it blends in with the background and the water,

Which is the usual color for most fish nets as it is said that fish can’t detect it accurately in the water?

That makes it much easier to use!


  • One of the pros is how it is made of over durable material, which is a great feature since it makes the net long lasting!


  • It is not one of the affordable options on the market and does go on the pricey side.
  • Users have complained about the quality, it deteriorates after some time, so you might need to replace it.

7. Fluval Edge Extendable Fishnet



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 If you are an owner of a Fluval edge tank, then this is the fishnet you are looking for!

This fishnet is equipped explicitly for Fluval edge tanks and is adjustable according to depth.

The very different, triangular design of the net allows it to scope every Nook and cranny of your tank.

Most fish escape to those hard to reach spaces and are super-fast.


The long adjustable handle makes sure you get them!

The handle is about 10 centimeters long which is deep enough for an average sized tank; however, it can be adjusted according to your tank.

It is extendable which makes it go up to 22.5 inches! (Yes, that means it reaches the depth of any tank)

Apart from that, it comes in a variety of soft, comfortable handle, which makes it an easy grip design.

You wont have to get your hand dirty while trying to maintain your tank.


  • It is also heavy duty and comes with a rigid metal design that gives it durability
  • It has an adjustable handle size, which is always a great feature!


  • The fish net has had complains about being too shallow, that means some fish might escape!

8. Pawfly Small Aquarium Fishnet


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The Pawfly fishnet is specifically altered to catch shrimp. So, if you have a shrimp tank, you’re in luck!

It is great not just for shrimp but aids a tank owner with day to day tank maintenance.

It can help eliminate excess food waste, fish waste, and left-over debris.

It has a soft lightweight nylon net that handles your fish well and does not harm them.

In addition to this, the net is also adjustable. So, whether you need a 9-inch rod or a 24-inch rod, the Pawfly fishnet has you covered!

The adjustable handle makes it ideal for any tank size and depth.

The fishnet is durable yet lightweight and will be easy and efficient to use. Which makes it perhaps one of the best on the market!

You can also double it to catch your normal fish! As it is  a multi-purpose tool!


  • The adjustable handle makes it ideal for all kinds of uses, whether skimming waste or going deep down to catch your shrimps.


  • It is on the pricier side, and you might like other cheaper options over this!
  • Some users complained they had inconsistencies with using the extendable rod!

9. Deep Blue Professional Fishnet

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The deep blue pro-net is great for your Betta fish.

It’s the ideal size! The small and compact features make it great for smaller tanks and smaller fish!

Since betta fish are fast and can easily escape the mesh is made up over course material

Even though it’s small and compact it still has a sturdy build and durability.

It comes with an intertwined handle that gives it better grip and a little hanging mechanism at the end for storage.


It’s small, 2 by 2 frame size can easily catch your betta fish and transport them safely.

It is also blue in color which is said to be more compatible with fish tank and backgrounds.

You can also use them for day-to-day maintenance, like skimming out access fish water and food

Overall a great choice to have for your tank.


  • If you have a betta fish time, this is probably the best option for you.
  • The frame and build of this fishnet is sturdy and will last long too!


  • Some users have complained that the fish net can be too small sometimes and the fish tend to escape.
  • If you have multiple fish tanks, it’s better to get a medium-sized rather than a smaller one, and it is more accommodating to other fish sizes.

How to select the ideal fishnet for your tank?

Now with a wide variety of fishnets available on the market how can you decide what the best fit for your fish tank?

Fish Nets come in a lot of various sizes, materials and brands.

Here's how you can choose whether a specific brand has What do you need for your fish tank!

Size of the fishnet?

Fishnets come in a lot of sizes! So, how can you decide which one might be the best fit for your tank?

Here are some factors that can help you decide, what kind of size is ideal for your fish tank.

What to do when you have smaller fish:

If you have smaller fish, like betta fish, guppies or goldfish, it is ideal that you get a smaller sized net too!

Smaller fish are fast and can escape easily. Hence a targeted net is more functional

What to do when you have larger fish:

However, if your tank has bigger sized fish, then you definitely need a larger frame size and a deeper net.

Large fish are heavier and tend to put up more of a struggle when transporting them. Hence a deeper fish net is recommended.

However, that is not always the case!

A lot of the times you might still need a deeper net since fish do have the tendency to escape shallower nets.

So, the safer option is to keep a medium size net despite having smaller sized fish!

And it is also recommended that you go much larger if you have something like a blueline shark or perhaps a catfish!

It all depends on the size and usual behavior of your fish.

Mesh material of fishnet?

Most fish nets are available in soft, lightweight nylon net or coarser material net.

So, you can decide the material depending on the kind of use you expect to have from them.

Softer and more lightweight nets are useful to transport smaller delicate fish, so they don’t hurt themselves.

And another thing:

Softer nets also have smaller holes that make it ideal for skimming material and waste floating at the top!

So what about the coarser nets with larger holes? When should you use them?

Well, fishnets are used for much more than just transporting your fish from one place to another.

It can also be used for reef tanks to skim out plants and ornaments. Such materials can tear your net very easily.

So, it is recommended that you use a coarser and heavy-duty net.

Coarser nets can also be used to handle heavier and bigger fish that put up a fight in trying to escape the net!

So, whatever is your use, you can decide your material according to that.

Handle of the fishnet?

Now you must be thinking, do I really need to think about the handle quality and material as well?

While it might be an afterthought, it does have a considerable impact on a lot of factors.

It determines how long your fish net will last and what kind of weight it can handle.

That isn’t all!

Fishnets have definitely advanced! Now they come with adjustable handles too.

So, if you aren’t happy with a certain length, then you can always readjust it to whatever is more convenient for you!

Most cheaper nets come with an intertwined wire design that gives you greater grip while using the fishnet.

It also gives the net a sturdier build, so it handles the weight and not bend when you skim out fish or other ornaments.

Apart from that the new stainless-steel fishnet models, come with adjustable handles also make sure that apart from grip you have a custom length that fits your needs!

Most fishnets also come with a hanging feature at the end that also allows you to store or hang your fish net to dry off convenient.

Colour of the fishnet?

Yes, it is quite shocking!

You will see a lot of discussion on online pet forums about the color of your fish net.

So does the color really matter?

You will see fishnet brands advertising that how red color is ideal since fish cannot see the color red.

However, that is entirely untrue!

Fish are great at sensing their surroundings, and that also means that they can detect a fish net regardless of their color.

Although most fish nets are blue. That is because it blends in better with the background and water.

So, it isn’t as alarming for the fish.

But truth be told, no matter what the color of the fishnet, it does not have a significant impact on the functionality of the net itself.

So, if tricky marketing gimmicks try to convince you that color matters then you should not be paying too much attention.

Focus on the more important details like size, durability, and quality.

Tank Type

Well yes!

The tank type really does matter when selecting your fishnet,

Most tank owners are familiar with the fact that there are 3 main types of tanks that are usually in domestic and public settings.

There are reef tanks, saltwater and freshwater tanks.

Your variety of species and fish can vary from tank to tank. Which in turn can also affect the kind of fishnet you might need!

Saltwater tanks tend to have more complex species like shrimps, lobsters or larger species of fish.

These might require a coarser and bigger net that can handle the weight and are durable.

These fish also tend to put up more of a flight during transit, so you need a net that can last you through it all.

Next up, Fresh water fish!

Fresh water tanks might be domestic tanks that have smaller fish like better fish guppies, goldfish or other kind of species.

These might not require your nets to be as heavy duty, and you can go on with simple nylon mesh net.

Other than that people also have saltwater reef tanks.


Reef tanks usually have more plant content in them and quarrels that can produce waste material as well.

For this, you might need both at delicate net and heavier coarser net.

If you are looking to skim out plants and other materials, then you might need a net that can handle a heavier amount of weight.

But if you're looking to get rid of excess weight floating on the top then a simple smaller net will do the job just fine!

These factors play an important role, and you can very easily decipher what kind of a fisnet you might be needing.

How can you clean and disinfect your fishnet?

Every tank owner is aware of the fact that sterilization of equipment is extremely important!

Even more critical for equipment like fishnets.

You especially don't want to contaminate your water with the same thing you use to clean it with! (Ironic!)

So, the thing is,

Fish Nets tend to harbor a lot of bacteria as it is the ideal place for them to thrive.

They are not just moist but also have a residue of waste on them, these are the perfect conditions for bacterial and fungal growth.

Hence, we can’t stress enough!

How extremely important it is for a tank owner to sterilize fish nets periodically to avoid any kind of illnesses and diseases among your fish.

And not to recontaminate the water every time you use your net!

So, here is a step by step guide that will allow you to sterilize your fishnet adequately at home without buying any special ingredients.

Step 1– First off start with a bucket of hot water is necessary as it kills bacteria and I sterilize equipment.

Step 2– To make the hot water more efficient sterilizer, you can add 2- 3 tablespoons of salt in it

Step 3– Use a longer rod or spoon to dissolve the salt within the water fully.

Additional tip- you can choose the quantity of hot water and salt according to the number of fish Nets you are looking to sterilize.

Step 4– once your mixture of salt and hot water is ready, you can I immerse your fish Nets into the water.

(make sure the bucket is deep so it can allow you to immerse your fish Nets fully!)

Step 5– Allow them to soak for at least 24 hours before taking them out

this solution will kill any leftover bacteria and possible staining that might have happened overtime.

Step 6– After you take out the fishnet make sure you rinse it under fresh running water.

That will take off any excess salt residue an give your fishnet another thorough clean.

Step 7– Lastly, it is recommended that to dry them you place them in direct sunlight.

Sunlight also has antibacterial qualities and will kill any remaining fungal and bacterial growth. Apart from drying them off completely

Another additional tip!

Make sure you store your Fish Nets in a safe, hygienic and dry place, so they don't catch any fungal or bacterial growth when not in use.

Place them nearby your fish tank or in a cabinet space below.

It is recommended that you repeat the process of sanitizing your fish nets periodically!

It is essential to have clean fish Nets, as they deal with your day-to-day maintenance tasks and come in direct contact with your fish.

So, to have unhygienic fishnets is a Big No No!

Happy cleaning!

Tips and tricks to transport your fish properly using fishnets

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to transport your fish when using your fish Nets safely

Catching fish using a fishnet might seem like an easy task, but some new tank owners can really struggle with it at first.

Tip 1– Even if your fish are small it is recommended that you use a deeper net, so it is harder for your fish to escape them once they’re caught.

Fast fish species like betta fish can swim around from one place to another in a quick second!

They can also easily escape fishnets, which is why shallow nets are even harder to use

So yes!

Use a net that is at least 2 inches deeper than what you require.

Tip 2 – Another essential tip is using 2 fish Nets too corner your fish if they are too fast!

Using 2 fish nets means that you can create a barrier for your fish, and they won’t have a place to escape to!

Tip 3 – If you have a Fluval edge tank, then there are specially made Nets for Fluval edges that you can buy off any pet store!

Tip 4– Another suggestion is that if your fish seem to struggle whenever you take them out of the water you can use your hand to aid with catching the fish, so they don’t drop out of the net!

Carefully place your hand on top or below to cushion any unnecessary damage your fish might face.

Tip 5– Most tank owners keep on trying and trying until they finally catch the fish!

This can cause a very stressful environment for your fish, which is ultimately not good for their health

if they are escaping the fishnet it is recommended that you stop for a while. You can always try sometime later.

Every good tank owner knows that dealing with fish does require a lot of patience I

How to create your own emergency diy fishnet?

Now as a tank owner, you might realize you don’t have a fish net, the minute you need one!

They are extremely helpful tools which means that they are used in day to day maintenance.

You never know when you might need one.

We are all humans, and we do commit mistakes.

Sometimes those mistakes include adding too much water clarifier or conditioner!

These conditions can be harmful to your fish, and you might need your fish transferred immediately.

So, we tested out a few methods and figured out a cheap and fast way to create a DIY fishnet.

Here are some tips for creating your own emergency DIY Fishnet!

We all have an onion bag lying around at home, they usually come in a coarse net that is ideal for a fishnet!

Next, you need a pair of pliers, some wires and a scissor!

Step 1– Trim down the onion bag to fit your requirements. Make sure you leave a 1-inch gap around the circumference.

Leave the gap for sewing the net on to the wires.

Step 2– Use your pliers to make a round or rectangular shape with the wires.

Step 3– You can intertwine the wires into a handle as well!

Step 4– Place the net on the frame you have created and sow the boundaries to it, so it stays intact.

Now you have a functional (But temporary) fishnet, that you can use to transport your fish.

However, don’t stick to using this fishnet only.

You should invest in a good fish net, that is durable and lasts you long.

While you can create a DIY fish net for emergency purposes, the net is not suitable for everyday use and its better to have a store bought one.

Related Questions

Where can I get proper fishnets?Try going to an official pet store to find fishnets or maybe a trusted seller on Amazon. You won't be buying a copy this way.

Will fishnets catch bacteria?If you follow all the steps and keep your fishnet clean, then don't worry it is unlikely that they catch any bacteria.

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