17 Best Aquarium Wave Makers

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How to Identify, Treat and Prevent Freshwater Ich

The white spot disease, more commonly known as Ich, is an epidemic. It’s a disease that no fish tank owner owner wants to cross paths with. Keep reading this article to know about identifying, treating, and how to prevent Ich in the first place. How to Identify, Treat, and Prevent Freshwater Ich? Identifying Ich is … Read more

31 Best Fish Foods for Your Fishy Friend

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Worms in a Fish Tank – Types & How to Get Rid of Them?

In our daily life, the word worm is spoken for different organisms such as larvae, insects, roundworm, millipedes, shipworms, fluke and caecilians etc. worms are occasionally found in the Fish aquarium which may be indicative of possible shortcomings in respect of maintenance of aquariums. What types of worms are found in a fish tank and how … Read more

WHY Is My Fish Tank Cloudy (And HOW To Fix It?)

Among so many benefits of having fish, the most interesting is that it reduces stress. Fish are an excellent company to have when you are so busy doing chores, BUT… Sometimes things might become stressful for you and your fish, like a cloudy fish tank. Why is my fish tank cloudy and how to fix … Read more

9 Best Aquarium Fish Nets

As a tank owner, you must be familiar with Fish Nets! Although, most new tank owners do think that fishnets are not a necessity to their aquarium maintenance kit. But that is where they are wrong! So, what can you do to find out what fishnet is the best fit for your tank? Here’s where … Read more

Where Should Aquarium be kept in the House?

Like Phil Dunphy from the modern family says: The three rules of real estate are: Location! Location! Location! The same rule applies to your fish tank. The location of your Aquarium is really essential, and it’s something that you should not take lightly. Where Should Aquarium be kept in the House? The answer to this … Read more

Do Fish Drink Water? If yes, How? – Do Fish Ever Get Thirsty?

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Ideal Saltiness of your Aquarium

Fact: On average, the air around us contains 20.95% oxygen. Imagine if that figure went up to 50% OR reduced to 5%. We would most probably suffer while breathing and then eventually depart from this beautiful planet. Likewise, the sea has a certain amount of salt in it to keep the fish alive. Lesson Learnt: … Read more

7 Best Mini Heaters For Small Aquariums

The cold days of winter make me feel sick; I wonder what happens to those little creatures that I own. I am talking about my fish. But I really don’t have to worry. As I keep myself warm, I do the same for my fish. Warm and comfortable. I thank aquarium heaters for that. You … Read more